The Travis Family

mikeDr. Mike Travis



  • High School Educator and Technology Integration Specialist, Assets School, Honolulu
  • Past President (2014), Hawai'i Society of Technology in Education (HSTE)
  • Adjunct Professor, Argosy Hawai'i
  • Ph.D. in Education (Educational Technology), University of Hawai'i, Manoa

SOTF 2017 Conference
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Published Author (click here for more information or to purchase the books):

"Faded Jeans to Army Greens: A Story of Army Life from Basic to Desert Storm" - A personal Memoir

"Cooper's Destiny - Book One: Topside" - A science fiction trilogy

"Cooper's Destiny - Book Two: Ryder" - A science fiction trilogy

"Cooper's Destiny - Book Three: Mayflower" - A science fiction trilogy

"Cooper's Adventures" - Prequel to the Cooper's Destiny trilogy

"Billy's Most Embarrassing Day"


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Dr. Suzy Travis



  • High School Principal, Assets School, Honolulu
  • President, Interscholastic League of Hawai'i (ILH)
  • Ed.D, Professional Educational Practice, University of Hawaii, Manoa


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