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Professional Development Workshops & Presentations

All of the presentations below can be condensed into 1-hour presentations, half-day workshops, or full day workshops.  Basically, the presentation becomes hands-on and interactive with greater time allotment.

Student Planners: a great theory that often fails in practice - Click Here!
Article published in IDA’s October edition of Dyslexia Connection

Supporting Diverse Learners in the 21st Century Classroom

Discover how to support struggling readers, reluctant writers, executive function challenges, and other diverse learning needs in a 21st century classroom by leveraging technology. 

    SOTF Conference, Honolulu, October 2013

    MISO Conference, Maui, October 2013

    University of Hawaii Inservice Teachers, February 2013

    International Dyslexia Association, October 2012

    Fortune Academy, Indianapolis, October 2012

    Horizon Academy, Kansas City, October 2012

    Hawaii Preparatory Academy Lower School, May 2012

    Assets School K-8, April 2012

    University of Hawaii Inservice Teachers, February 2012

    Punahou Middle School, January 2012

    Mid Pacific Elementary, January 2012

    Brain Symposium, June 2011

    St. Andrew’s Priory, November 2011

    Bridges Academy, Los Angeles, October 2011

    Hawaii Preparatory Academy Upper School, October 2011

Using Digital Tools to Meet the Individual Needs of Learners - NEW

This presentation is a follow-up to the presentation above.  In this presentation, participants engage in a series of short simulations that allow them to experience struggles in reading, writing, and executive function.  Following each simulation, participants practice using a technology tool and/or strategy to support the challenges they experienced.  Participants experience first hand how technology and teaching strategies can help struggling learners to compensate for their challenges and leverage their strengths.

    Brain Symposium, June 2012

Practicing Differentiation in the Classroom - NEW

In this presentation, participants gain a greater understanding of what differentiation is, what it looks like in the classroom, and they learn strategies for differentiating classwork, homework, and assessment.  In the workshop, participants also practice a protocol for giving one another feedback about their own instruction in order to improve teaching practices.