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Billy is your average fourth grader growing up in Colorado. He likes watching sports and he loves math. However, Billy has a problem; he just had his most embarrassing day at school. This is a whopper that will be talked about by students for years. Is there a way out? A golden tablet at the museum may have the answer. Will the tablet grant his wish? Or, will Billy be stuck reliving this moment over and over again? 

List Price: $6.99 for paperback and $2.99 for Kindle version

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3) If you live on Oahu, I can hand deliver a signed copy to you for must $5. Just email me if you are interested.


Cover Design and Illustrations by Evan Schultz

Paperback book list price: $6.99

Special Introductory Kindle list price: $2.99


Author Information:

Doctor Mike Travis is an educator in Hawaii. Mike has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa. He lives with his wife of 28 wonderful years and two amazing daughters on the island of Oahu. Mike has always loved science fiction and he hopes someday to visit space. Mike's first book was about his time in the military during Operation Desert Storm. If you are interested in purchasing that book, click here.



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