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Girl sleuth with dreams of becoming the first policewoman in Omaha, Nebraska in the 1950's.

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Book Quote:  "Finally, when the household quieted down for the night, I snuck out of the backdoor to retrieve that brown leather briefcase I found in the field earlier in the day.  This was my first chance to look inside the case without others around to ask questions.  Back in my bedroom, Bandit cuddle next to me, his whiskers twitching in anticipation, as he watched me cautiously open the treasure.  First, I noticed that there was only one buckle left, but old and corroded.  When I opened the flap, an awful smell hit me in the face, like moldy garlic, but I didnĘ»t see any.  What I did find was a notebook filled with unusual writing, a few slips of paper with phone numbers and addresses, and a small gun!  Yes, I said a gun!  I droppped it like a hot potatoe, thank goodness it landed on my quilt - who knows what could have happened if it had landed on the floor?"



Author Information:

Barbara Travis and her husband Terry live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, where they are retired after living 33 years in Boulder, Colorado.  They have four adult children and six lovely grandaughers.

Barbara is a retired nurse.  After raising her children, she returned to college and earned her BA inEnglish Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She loves reading, especially mysteries, ans is excited to be fulfilling her dream of writing.  She is also the author of Zebo, The Pinkie Connection, and When You See a Butterfly.



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