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In 2201, most humans live in underground cities; however, space travel is expanding. In Book One: Topside, we met Cooper, a 14-year-old boy with a knack for fixing things. He made his living as a freelancer going “topside” to the ravaged cities in search of treasure. When an old man told him that his purpose in life could be greater, Cooper ventured to the stars to begin his cadet training. In Book Two: Ryder, we learn more about that old man and his fight against the terrorist organization trying to stop space travel forever.

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Excerpt from the book:

"Ryder was not himself, he was floating in and out of consciousness. He only saw flashes of movement around him. He was on a cart on his back being wheeled somewhere. At first it was in the concourse and he could hear distant gunfire, then another moment he glimpsed the roof of a tunnel, and another the ceiling of a small room. He tried to move his arms at one point, but he was clearly strapped down.  A pen light flashed into each of his eyes and he heard two men talking about him. An injection went into his right arm and everything went black."

Author Information:

Doctor Mike Travis is currently a High School Mathematics and Technology Integration Specialist at a private school in Hawaii. He is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching online classes to Masters of Education students living in the Pacific. Mike has a Ph.D. is in Educational Technology from the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa. He lives with his wife of 25 wonderful years and two daughters on the island of Oahu. Mike's first book was about his time in the military during Operation Desert Storm. If you are interested in purchasing that book, click here.



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